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Reduce Allergies Naturally with LDA Shots

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Low Dose Allergen Therapy is an innovative new way to treat allergies. Instead of desensitizing and suppressing the immune system, LDA retrains it.

How Does Low Dose Allergen Therapy Work?

LDA utilizes a different method of action to reduce allergies.

Conventional allergy treatments rely on allergen skin testing to show what common allergens the patient is reactive to. Once identified, the allergist creates a formula that is utilized in titrated amounts to desensitize the individual allergens.

LDA is different. Instead of desensitizing the individual antibody response, it works to retrain the entire immune system by proliferating the normal regulation of the immune system through T regulatory cells. Think of T regulatory cells as the traffic cops of the immune system. This is done by adding hundreds of allergens, but at much lower doses (1:1,000,000) of a regular allergy shot. Add an enzyme (Beta glucoronidase) to proliferate the T regulatory cells, and now the immune system is increasing regulation to hundreds of allergens vs desensitizing a few.

This allows the natural regulation of the immune system to take over and stop the allergy symptoms before they start.


Learn more in this video from Barry Smeltzer, MPAS, PA-C

How Often Are Shots Required?

Shots are given every 6-8 weeks. It may take as many as 6 injections to achieve sustained relief of symptoms.

After the first injection, most feel better for 2-5 weeks. When the shot wears off, you must wait for the next injection period to get continued treatment – or at least 7-8 weeks. Eventually, you should feel quite well for a full 2 months between injections. At that point, increased intervals between injections should occur (approx 1 year for adults and less for children).

What Does LDA Treat?

LDA is given at such low doses that instead of picking and choosing what allergens need to be treated, the formula is broken down into 3 categories. Each category can be given at the same time, which if given together can regulate the immune system to over 600 different allergens at the same time.

Three categories:

  • Foods- over 200 different foods
  • Inhalants- over 200 inhalant allergies- Indoor, Outdoor, Mold, Animals, etc.
  • Chemicals- over 200 chemicals- Perfumes, solvents, cleaning supplies, etc

The practitioner will determine which combination of allergens (food, chemical, inhalant) are appropriate for optimal impact.

Are There Any Side Effects?

LDA is given as a subcutaneous injection in the forearm. The most common side effect is a whelt under the skin at the site of the injection. It is temporary and typically goes away in 1-3 days. – LDA is very safe and has been clinically proven to not cause an anaphylactic reactions or deaths. It is one of the safest things I do and can be done down to children under 1 year of age.


Contact Alive + Well for more information about LDA Therapy and other natural treatments for allergies. 512-580-5775.


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