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Functional Lab Testing & Metabolic Programs

Test, don’t guess. Discover personalized insights and explore your health deeper with our functional lab testing and metabolic programs.

Functional Lab Testing

If you are simply looking for a quick look inside your health, you can choose from our Functional Lab testing menu. You will meet with one of our Functional Medicine providers to have your lab results reviewed and a customized plan laid out to optimize your health.

Preventative Health Lab Screening


Comprehensive Blood Panel + 1 Lab Review Appointment

Annual blood panel that includes standard and advanced markers of health. Tests include advanced lipid panel, insulin, A1C, full thyroid panel, Vitamin D, CRP, Omega check, homocysteine, complete metabolic and blood count. 

Comprehensive Stool Analysis


GI Map Stool Test + 1 Lab Review Appointment

Health starts in the gut! Whether you notice GI symptoms like gas, bloating, heartburn or irregular bowel movements, it is important to get a comprehensive look at your gut microbiome.
This test looks not only for pathogenic bacteria, yeast, and parasites, but also the status of your beneficial flora, how well you digest and any inflammation markers indicative of leaky gut. Our clinical team will help interpret your results and customize a plan to optimize your gut function.

Women's Health Panel


Women’s Health Panel + 1 Lab Review Appointment

Wanting to get a personalized and complete look at your hormones? This panel takes a deep five into hormone levels including a full thyroid panel, testosterone, Dhea-s, estradio, progesterone along with cardio metabolic and inflammatory markers to better know how to support YOUR health.

Men's Health Panel


Men’s Health Panel + 1 Lab Review Appointment

Have you wondered about your Testosterone levels? This panel takes a deep dive into hormone and metabolic health with a personalized plan to give you the tools to maintain a healthy hormone level across your lifespan. Tests include testosterone, dhea, estradiol, full thyroid, advanced lipid and metabolic markers including Vitamin D and PSA.

Advanced Genetics Test


3×4 Genetic Panel + 1 Lab Review Appointment

Our bodies are complex. The 3×4 genetics test looks at specific genes to better understand how your genes work together in cellular pathways and functional systems to control processes such as inflammation, metabolism and detoxification.  The report covers 36 metabolic pathways across 6 health categories. Our genes don’t rule our destiny, but understanding your unique blueprint can help guide personalized lifestyle recommendations to best support your health and vitality!

Advanced Cancer Screening Test


Galleri Cancer Screening + 1 Lab Review Appointment

Galleri is the first-of-its-kind–a test that looks for a signal shared by 50+ types of cancer including some fast spreading cancers that don’t show symptoms in early stages, like  pancreatic and ovarian cancer.  With a simple blood test –DNA from cancer cells can be detected in the body and predict where the cancer signal originated in the body.  The vast majority of cancers show no symptoms until later stages, when treatment options are limited and this is why we strongly recommend the Galleri Cancer Screening Test.

Metabolic Programs

Hack Your Metabolism in 90 Days


Introducing the ultimate solution to unlocking your body’s true potential – the Hack Your Metabolism in 90 Days Health Coaching Package, supported by the cutting-edge Lumen metabolism tracking device.

This program includes the Lumen metabolism tracking device, a 3 month subscription on the Lumen app, and 4 Virtual Health Coaching Appointments. 

Metabolism Basics


This is a great program for anyone who is interested in weight management (gain or loss), improving athletic performance, or optimizing their overall health.

This program includes the Lumen metabolism tracking device, a 3 month subscription on the Lumen app, and 1 Virtual Health Coaching Appointment.

Why You Should Choose Functional Testing

Personalized Insights

Root Cause Identification

Early Detection

Comprehensive Overview

Informed Decision-Making

Monitoring Progress

Holistic Approach

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Our Optimal Health Membership is designed especially for people who want to take a preventative and holistic approach to wellness, vitality and longevity.  It is also perfect for people who want an integrative, personalized approach in managing their ongoing health concerns.  This year-long membership provides the opportunity to work with one of our highly qualified Functional and Integrative Medical Professionals as well as one of our Certified Health Coaches to achieve your individual health goals.

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