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Adult Functional Medicine

Our Approach: Understand the “Why” Behind Your Health Concerns + Personalize a Plan for Long-Lasting Improvements

You deserve to live your most vibrant life. It’s our mission to help you keep health problems, and lack of answers, from standing in the way.

Through active listening, detailed assessment, and comprehensive testing, we help you discover the root cause of your unwanted symptoms. With a focus on lifestyle changes, nutritional supplementation, integrative therapies, and at times medication, we’ll co-create a long-lasting resolution and improvements unique to you.

Ways to Work With Us

Optimal Health Membership

Our Optimal Health Membership is designed especially for people who want to take a preventative and holistic approach to wellness, vitality and longevity.  It is also perfect for people who want an integrative, personalized approach in managing their ongoing health concerns.  This year-long membership provides the opportunity to work with one of our highly qualified Functional and Integrative Medical Professionals as well as one of our Certified Health Coaches to achieve your individual health goals.

The Optimal Health Membership is ideal for patients focused on: 

  • Longevity

  • Vibrancy

  • Energy

  • Metabolic Health

  • Reducing Inflammation 

  • Weight management

  • Balancing Hormones

  • Thyroid conditions 

  • Menopause and perimenopause 

  • High blood pressure or high cholesterol 

  • Digestive issues 

  • Fertility 

  • Insomnia 

  • Skin conditions / acne / hair growth

Severe autoimmune disease, Lyme’s disease and chronic mold or other severe toxicities are not appropriate for the Optimal Health Membership. Please see our Functional Care Packages for services to support these health conditions.   

Optimal Health Membership

Functional Care Packages

We recommend our Functional Care Packages to patients with certain chronic health conditions, or who are looking to make quick progress with a given health concern. Health conditions we treat with Functional Care Packages include: 
  • Lyme’s disease 
  • Chronic mold 
  • Heavy metal 
  • Diabetes 
  • Severe autoimmune disorders 
  • Severe GI distress (e.g. Ulcerative Colitis) 
  • PCOS  

Package 1

Package 2

Provider Only Visits

For patients who are looking for a different option at a different pace, we offer Provider-Only Visits offered as Package of 4 visits that can be used any time. 

Provider 4-Pack

How to Get Started

Step 1: Schedule your initial provider visit based on your needs

Optimal Health Membership

We recommend our Optimal Health Membership to those who are managing certain ongoing health concerns, or simply prefer to take a preventative and holistic approach to achieving vitality and longevity.  

Functional Care Packages

We recommend our Functional Care Packages to patients with certain health conditions, or who are looking to make quick progress with a given health concern. 

Step 2: Prepare For Your Initial Appointment

Once you are scheduled for an appointment, you will receive an email requesting personal and medical information to be reviewed with your provider at your initial appointment.  

Need More Information?

Sign up for one of our weekly Group Introductory Calls where we review the details of our programs and an overview of each of our providers. We can answer any of your questions live during these sessions. OR, schedule 1:1 time with a provider to ask more in-depth questions about your health concern or how we work with patients. 

Free Group Introductory Call

Join one of our weekly 60 minute group Zoom calls to learn more about the Functional Medicine Clinic offerings and next steps on your personal health care journey.

1:1 Provider Consultation ($75)

Visit with a provider to briefly review your health concerns and allow us to explain our approach to treatment. We will not be reviewing any labs or making any treatment recommendations at this consultation. This is an opportunity for you to meet with our team and make sure we are a good fit for you.

*With select providers only.

Areas of Emphasis

Functional medicine seeks to identify and address the root causes of disease, and views the body as one integrated system, rather than a collection of symptoms.

Our Providers

Make sustainable and impactful changes to your lifestyle that support your overall health goals and quality of life with the help of our providers.

Roxanne Pero, MD, FACOG, DIPABLM

Medical Doctor

Lauren Colletti, FNP

IFM Certified Family Nurse Practitioner

Melanie Kelsey, PA-C

Board Certified Physician Assistant

Svetlana Lisovskiy PA-C

Certified Physician Assistant – Pediatrics

Elise Clark, FNP

Family Nurse Practitioner

Daniel Chege, FNP

IFM Certified Family Nurse Practitioner

Melanie Shafranek, FNTP

Functional Nutritional Therapy Practitioner

Jenny Cohodes

Certified Health Coach


Once you’ve booked your appointment, you will receive an email that confirms your appointment and reviews next steps. Please access your Patient Portal and fill out all forms and medical questionnaires at least 48 hours (2 business days) prior to your appointment. Your providers spend time reviewing your information and prepare for your appointment ahead of time. Any medical records, specifically those within the last year, should be uploaded to your portal or faxed to our office (737) 225-8927. Please make sure to include any medications or supplements you are currently taking, as well as, any allergies to medications.

We do not accept insurance and require payment at time of service. We can provide you with a super-bill to file for reimbursement with your insurance company if you choose to do so. Please call your insurance’s Customer Care line to see what out of network benefits you have. Some labs can be run through insurance and we will work with you to prioritize testing–offering insurance options when available. Please note that some insurance companies do not reimburse Telehealth visits. In that case an in-person visit should be scheduled.

Alive and Well is not set up for acute visits or routine screenings at this time. We recommend that you maintain a relationship with your PCP. We will gladly oversee your health from a functional medicine standpoint and are able to collaborate with your PCP or specialists when necessary.

We require at least 48 hours (2 business days) notice for all canceled or rescheduled appointments. There is a fee associated with no shows, cancelations or rescheduled appointments made within 48 hours of your original appointment time.

We offer a virtual appointment option for anyone living in the state of Texas. Our practitioners prefer to see their patients at least once yearly in person.


Medical Doctor

Lauren Colletti, FNP

IFM Certified Family Nurse Practitioner

Melanie Kelsey, PA-C

Board Certified Physician Assistant

Melanie, a Florida native, is a board-certified PA with prescriptive authority in the state of Texas.  She grew up as a competitive gymnast, which is how her fascination for the human body began.


Her enthusiasm for functional medicine comes from her own personal health story. She was first exposed to the field of Integrative & Functional Medicine in 2014 while training in PA school. At the time, she personally saw how lifestyle changes could help heal the gut and regulate hormones.  It’s now her life mission to help others become the best version of themselves by identifying the root cause of their illness and working toward optimal health. She feels comfortable with complex cases and will work with your specialists and outside practitioners as needed.


Melanie earned her undergraduate degree at the University of Florida with a Bachelor of Science degree in Applied Physiology and Kinesiology. She achieved her Master of Physician Assistant Studies at Northeastern University in Boston, Massachusetts. Melanie practiced surgical medicine for 4 years, with broad exposure to OBGYN, stem cell donation, orthopedics, and oncology. Because of her experience, she sees the value and necessity of Western Medicine.


Her eyes opened to the healing powers of functional medicine after mold exposure led her to a health crisis in 2019. Melanie exhausted western medicine without relief, so she began searching for answers. In the end, functional medicine led her towards healing and symptom improvement.


In early 2020, she began formally training in functional medicine through the Institute for Functional Medicine, CellCore Biosciences, and the Medical Academy in Pediatric Special Needs. She has been working exclusively in functional medicine since 2021 and has found great joy in seeing her patients recover! She is dedicated to furthering her education and staying up to date on the latest research and recommendations.


Melanie believes that healing is a journey and is a combination of physical, mental, and spiritual health. She feels honored to join the Alive + Well team and is dedicated to partner with you and our team of healers to help you toward your health goals!

Svetlana Lisovskiy PA-C

Certified Physician Assistant - Pediatrics

Continuing a family tradition of medicine, Svetlana knew she wanted to be a physician at the age of 13. She’s passionate and dedicated to the health and healing of her patients, with her main goal as finding the root-cause. First, she treats the symptoms for her patients to gain relief, then Svetlana works forensically to find the root cause. Her discoveries lead her patients to heal from within and achieve long-lasting results.
Svetlana earned her MD degree from the distinguished 2nd Moscow State School of Medicine in 1986. She then practiced as a general pediatrician and later specialized in pediatric hematology. After that, she worked at Moscow Regional Hemophilia Clinic for three years. After an impressive tenure, Svetlana then immigrated from the Soviet Union to California where she earned her Physician Assistant Master’s degree from Samuel Merritt College in 2006. Svetlana then saw patients in an endocrinology/internal medicine practice while also conducting clinical trials as a co-investigator. In 2017, Svetlana discovered functional medicine as an alternative approach to providing comprehensive diagnostic and treatment care to patients. Svetlana has dedicated her time to learning functional medicine ever since. In 2018, she achieved the status of Functional Medicine Provider from the University of Functional Medicine.
The functional medicine field showed her how to treat the body as a complex system and tackle the root-cause instead of focusing solely on symptoms. Her special interests include Lyme disease and genetics predisposing patients to chronic conditions. She is ILDADS (International Lyme and Associated Disorders Society) trained provider.

The combination of her knowledge of western medicine and functional medicine allows her to better understand the root cause and gain greater healing. In March 2021, she moved to Austin to join the team at Oubre Medical, which merged with Root Causes Medical Clinic in early 2022, and now is Alive and Well. Working at this unique practice has brought complete professional satisfaction to Svetlana, and she enjoys collaborative teamwork.


Elise Clark, FNP

Family Nurse Practitioner

Born and raised in the DFW area, Elise is a native-Texan Family Nurse Practitioner (FNP). After graduating with Honors and obtaining a Bachelor of Nursing from University of Texas, Austin, Elise worked alongside an OBGYN. That opportunity sparked an interest in hormones’ effect on the body, so she continued her education at Texas Women’s University.

Once again thriving and graduating with Honors, Elise achieved her Master of Science in Nursing in 2015. She then started her career as a Certified Family Nurse Practitioner in family practice, then endocrinology. 

After practicing as an NP in a traditional setting for some time, she realized there was more she could do for her patients. Her realization led her to functional medicine. Elise has now been working in functional medicine for six years. She loves how she can see the difference that personalized medicine makes for her patients.

Elise is certified in Advanced Hormone Replacement Therapy from Worldlink Medical and is a certified Family Nurse Practitioner through the American Academy of Nurse Practitioners. Her interests and areas of expertise include hormone replacement therapy for men and women of all ages, PCOS, thyroid disorders, exercise and nutrition as medicine, gut health, and nutritional deficiencies.

In her spare time, Elise enjoys yoga, reading, and spending time with her husband and young son.

Daniel Chege, FNP

Family Nurse Practitioner

Daniel Chege, a Board-Certified Family Nurse Practitioner, brings a wealth of experience in integrative medicine to his practice. With a background in computer and mechanical engineering, his journey into healthcare was sparked by a passion for finding lasting solutions to health challenges. Originally from Kenya, Daniel pursued a Bachelor of Science in Nursing degree at Mountain State University in West Virginia upon relocating to the USA in 2008.

After gaining invaluable experience in critical care within the surgical ICU, Daniel continued his education, earning a Master of Science in Nursing with a focus on becoming a Family Nurse Practitioner from Franciscan University of Steubenville in Ohio in 2013. He further solidified his expertise by obtaining certification through the ANCC.

During his tenure at UPMC Pinnacle, where he initially worked in urgent care before transitioning to family practice, Daniel developed a keen interest in integrative approaches to medicine. He has dedicated himself to integrative medicine, focusing on personalized treatment plans that incorporate  nutraceuticals, essential oils, peptides and IV therapies.

Daniel’s dedication extends beyond his professional pursuits. He is deeply committed to his patients’ well-being, taking the time to listen and understand their concerns. Always believing that everyone has knowledge to offer. Although he is experienced in treating cases such as mold toxicity, Lyme disease, Epstein-Barr, mast cell activation syndrome, and chronic inflammatory response syndrome, he is also passionate about wellness and optimization of health. 

Outside of his practice, Daniel finds joy in spending time with his family, especially playing with his children, and traveling. If given the choice, he would spend countless hours soaking up the sun at the beach, a place where he finds peace and relaxation. With a holistic approach to healthcare and a genuine passion for improving lives, Daniel Chege continues to make a profound impact on the health and wellness of his patients.

Melanie Shafranek, FNTP

Functional Nutritional Therapy Practitioner

Melanie Shafranek is a Functional Nutritional Therapy Practitioner, certified through the Nutritional Therapy Association. After years of struggling with her own autoimmune journey, she found powerful tools to successfully keep her autoimmune in remission and maintain the lifestyle changes that saved her life. She loves sharing and offering guidance with others who are seeking optimized health.
She wants people to know that healing is possible and healthy food doesn’t have to be boring! Over the past decade she has healed from mold toxicity, SIBO, Epstein-Barr virus, and symptoms like chronic fatigue, bloating, and consistent pain. Since healing, she’s been able to help clients all over the world put their puzzle pieces together to find freedom from unwanted symptoms without sacrificing what they love about their life. She feels is if her experience with chronic illness has led her down this path to help others and that it is her true calling on this earth.
Outside of the world of nutritional healing, Melanie has immense passion and experience as a photographer – she even had the honor of photographing pictures in Michelle Hoover’s AIP Comfort Food Cookbook! She also loves spending time recording her podcast (Sick & The City), making paleo travel guides for her blog, and taking her dog on long walks!

Jenny Cohodes

Health Coach

Jenny Cohodes, resides in Austin, Texas, where she serves as a Certified Health and Nutrition Coach. Her personal experiences with food sensitivities, mold, Lyme, EBV, and more have ignited a passion within her to guide others through similar challenges on their wellness paths. Beyond aiding those dealing with chronic illness, Jenny is also passionate about educating individuals on optimizing their health using the latest holistic methods available.
Originally trained as an elementary teacher at the University of Texas at Austin, Jenny’s career path took an unexpected turn when she decided to leave teaching to pursue her newfound passion for nutrition and holistic health. Through countless hours of research, experimentation, and self-education, Jenny honed her culinary skills and developed a keen understanding of the connection between diet and well-being.
Driven by her desire to make a meaningful difference in people’s lives, Jenny furthered her education by obtaining certification in health and nutrition coaching from Precision Nutrition and began leading groups of people through health coaching containers to help them eat, move, and live better lives.    Beyond mere dietary guidance, Jenny loves delving into topics such as nervous system regulation, self-care practices, and cultivating a holistic approach to wellness.
However, Jenny’s journey took an unexpected turn in 2022 when she discovered her own health challenges. Living in a mold-infested environment, she experienced a myriad of symptoms, including the reactivation of a dormant Lyme disease and EBV.  Undeterred by adversity, Jenny embarked on a journey of healing, immersing herself in research and adopting detoxification practices to support her body’s recovery.
Today, Jenny approaches her work with empathy, compassion, and a deep understanding of the profound impact that nutrition and lifestyle choices can have on overall well-being. Outside of her professional sphere, she immerses herself in cooking, developing new recipes, hiking, and exploring new destinations alongside her husband, Dave, and their three children: Madison, Max, and Maverick.

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Our Optimal Health Membership is designed especially for people who want to take a preventative and holistic approach to wellness, vitality and longevity.  It is also perfect for people who want an integrative, personalized approach in managing their ongoing health concerns.  This year-long membership provides the opportunity to work with one of our highly qualified Functional and Integrative Medical Professionals as well as one of our Certified Health Coaches to achieve your individual health goals.

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