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Reducing Your Risk For Severe Illness From COVID-19

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Functional Medicine, homepage, Wellness

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As it turns out, your current health matters a lot when it comes to how your body responds to a viral infection like COVID-19. The CDC recently reported that only 6% of all COVID-19 related deaths were caused by the virus alone, with no presence of other disease or health concerns. In 94% of deaths there has been the presence of underlying conditions (1).

This report further confirms our understanding that individuals with underlying conditions are at increased risk for severe response to infection. It is also a reminder that those with underlying conditions should try harder to avoid exposure to the virus, and should seek immediate medical attention if you believe an infection is present.

The Impact of Underlying Health Conditions

What the conventional medical system and the CDC are not saying clearly is that the number one priority for everyone should be working hard to improve their health! Unfortunately, it’s not enough just to wear a mask and take your medicine or supplements – though these steps are important as well.

According to all of the data we have so far, there are a number of underlying health conditions that increase risk if infected by COVID-19. These include, among others:

  •       Hypertension / Heart Disease
  •       Diabetes
  •       Obesity

Chronic health conditions like these can increase inflammatory pathways in the body, making the presence of viruses like COVID-19 more dangerous than they would otherwise be.


Take Control of Your Health

Nobody can do this for you, and it’s one of the most important steps you can take in your life:

Learn how to care for your own body, which is unique and sculpted for great purpose.

The coronavirus may be shedding light on this reality, but it certainly won’t be the last health challenge any of us encounter in our lives. It is imperative now more than ever that we inspect our individual lifestyle choices and decide where there is room for improvement to make progress toward a healthier body.

Your metabolic health – the effective management of key health markers – is the strongest weapon you have against coronavirus.


What Can I Do Next?

As proponents of functional medicine, we focus on disease prevention first and foremost. When chronic illness is present, we take a root cause approach to address the source, not just treat symptoms. So you won’t be surprised to hear us say:

To improve your metabolic health, focus on these important pillars…

  •       Eat well
  •       Exercise
  •       Get more sleep
  •       Manage stress
  •       Participate in community



A great place to start is with diagnostics to understand what’s happening inside your body. A combination of health history review, body composition scanning and functional lab tests can tell us a lot. This stage establishes a baseline to work from. It’s not important what your baseline is today, it only matters that you show progress toward your goals.



With this baseline knowledge, we can help you build a personalized plan to address each of the health pillars. Reversing chronic conditions at any stage is possible. It is not your fate to be diagnosed with a condition forever. Your diagnosis does not define you.



All you need are simple, gradual dietary and lifestyle changes which can radically improve your health. Read that last sentence again…

              SIMPLE dietary changes can RADICALLY improve your health.

All it takes is a few modifications to make huge changes that will stick with you for the rest of your life! While simple, we won’t claim these changes to be easy. That said, this is not an overnight process. We work with patients to support them through these changes. We prefer to meet patients where they are and take steps at a pace that feels achievable. Small changes can yield large results.


We Can Help You Get Started

If you have been diagnosed with a health condition that puts you in the higher risk category, or simply are hoping to optimize your health and support your immune system, we would love to help.

We specifically created our 2 month Quarantine Reboot Program to improve your metabolic health and support your immune system. The goals of the program include:

  • Improve key health markers
  • Moderate weight loss
  • Enhanced energy
  • Overall improvement in mood and well- being

View complete program details HERE.

To learn all the ways we can help, set up a FREE 15 minute Discovery Call with our team.



1. https://www.cdc.gov/nchs/nvss/vsrr/covid_weekly/index.htm#Comorbidities

2. https://www.cdc.gov/coronavirus/2019-ncov/need-extra-precautions/people-with-medical-conditions.html

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