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5 Reasons To Do A Whole Body Cleanse This January

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The holiday season is a cherished time for family connectedness, joy, gratitude and celebration. For many of us, however, it can also trigger extra stress and overindulgence.  By the time New Year’s Day comes, we are all feeling reflective of the past year and looking forward to setting goals, shedding excess and finding deeper meaning and purpose in our lives.

Beginning the new year with a whole-body cleanse is a powerful way to dive into that self-care and restorative journey. Having a wealth of support while you do a cleanse, makes twice as likely you’ll reach your health goals.

If you are still not convinced, here are 5 more reasons to consider a cleanse January!

1. Reduce Toxin Overload

We are exposed to hundreds of toxins (from food, body-care products, and the environment) that affect our immune, nervous, endocrine and reproductive systems. These are particularly high during the decadent holiday season! Cleansing offers your body support to expel and metabolize the toxins that overburden your body.

2. Weight Loss Support

Most of us are indulgent while enjoying the holidays with family and friends, which often leads to a few unwanted pounds come January.  Cleansing can help jump start weight loss, support regularity, and maintain healthy intestinal flora.

3. Give your Digestive System a Break

A cleanse can help reduce troubling symptoms such as gas, bloating, acid reflux and constipation. With a healthy, whole food diet and less of a burden on your digestive system, your gut can focus on healing and recovery.

4. Reduce Symptoms of Chronic Conditions

Cleansing can support recovery and reduce symptoms of a variety of conditions including allergies, mental fog, weight gain, indigestion, constipation, joint discomfort, fatigue, sleep difficulty and more.

5. Make Lasting Changes

You are more likely to change dietary and lifestyle habits in the long run if you have the support and resources you need. Everyone has great intentions to continue good health throughout the year, but often lose motivation if left to one’s own devices. A group cleanse offers the support and motivation to make lasting changes!

If a cleanse sounds right for you, then please join us at Alive + Well for our New Year’s 6 Day Cleanse Program. Let’s do this together! 

New Year’s 6 – Day Cleanse Basics

  • FREE Cleanse InfoSession with Allison – Tuesday, December 12th at 12pm (Register here)
  • Group Kick-off Seminar – Thursday, January 9th at 7PM –
  • Group Cleanse Dates – Monday, January 13th -19th
  • Program Cost – $260
  • Register for the Cleanse Here

Diet + Supplements                                                                      

  • Modified Elimination Diet that includes a healthy and delicious variety of foods. 
  • Four specially-selected Xymogen Pharmaceutical-Grade supplements to support gastrointestinal function, balanced detoxification, and cytokine (inflammatory) balance.

-ProbioMax DF Probiotic


-Homeopathic Drainage

-OptiCleanse GHI Shake

Private Wellness Consultation

Includes an hour-long Nutrition and Lifestyle Consultation with Applied Clinical Nutritionist, Allison Horan (In-Person or Virtual visit).  She will assist you in creating a personalized wellness plan for the 6 Day Cleanse and as well as post-cleanse self-care plan for long-term success.

Group Support

Change can be difficult, so we are here to offer you support you in your process!

Group Kick-off Seminar with Allison (In Person or Virtual) : Thursday January 9th – 7:00PM

Learn the process, talk about food/diet planning for the week, get your supplements and have all your questions answered.

Private Facebook Group for daily support, recipe ideas, tips of the day, motivational affirmations, testimonials           and troubleshooting

Optional Detox Enhancements

  • 4 Pack Infrared Sauna Sessions – $99
  • Myer’s or Detox IV Vitamin Drip Session – $99
  • Post-Cleanse Supplement Package – $100
    • 2 month supply of foundational supplements to help support your wellness success
  • Ready-made meals prepared by Elle’s Cafe

Contact our Wellness Team with questions about the program or to register online here. We hope you’ll join us to kick off 2020 with your health and wellness as a priority!  512-580-5775



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