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A Journey Toward Spiritual Wellness

Written by

Michael Swail


Functional Medicine, Holistic Therapies, homepage, Pharmacy, spa

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In today’s fast-paced and stressful world, it can be easy to neglect our inner lives. But research shows that spirituality – be it through traditional religion, meditation, crystal healing or something of your own making – can have lasting, positive effects on our mental health, self-esteem and physical health.

When considering our overall wellbeing – the typical ‘pillars of health’ are: Physical, Mental, and Emotional. The Spiritual aspects of life seem to be coming to the forefront for many in this unique time we are living.

What Is Spiritual Wellness?

Spiritual Wellness can offer support in integrating meaning and purpose in life experiences and is also considered an important component of overall health and wellness.

Deepening one’s Spiritual journey through connecting to self can deeply enrich one’s quality of life. This process looks different for everyone:

  • meditation
  • creating art or witnessing artistic endeavors
  • listening to a piece of music
  • being in nature
  • a personal belief in a power greater than ourselves

As a health practitioner, I have dove deeply into understanding health and wellness from many angles. I have worked on my physical well being through Yoga, functional movement practices and experimental dietary shifts. My mental health has been nourished by learning new subjects, taking in positive and life affirming beliefs, working with talk therapy to improve areas of my life. My emotional wellbeing has been positively impacted through authentic communication, working with art therapy and expressing my personal truth.

My Journey

My Spiritual journey has been the most personal and has taken me to the depths of greater healing. My Spiritual connection to the world informs the way I orient around my life story. I have been able to heal from physical ailments, relationship challenges, financial blocks – all through deepening my connection to something greater in my Being. With the world in a place of great unknown, my practices have built my resilience and adaptability to life changes.

Spiritual Wellness Sessions

A session with me offers support in tuning in to your own innate wisdom. We will delve into areas of your life that are ripe for change and come out with tools for you to come into your greater wisdom, power and beauty.

Tune into your innate power and presence – and support your personal transformation. You will be guided to tap into your true purpose, inherent beauty and awaken to what is ready to be transformed. Each session is customized to your needs along with tools to guide you along your path.

We may use tools for reflection such as:

  • oracle cards
  • breathwork to calm the nervous system during anxious times
  • herbal recommendations for enhancing vitality
  • ending your session with Reiki, a form of energy healing

A teacher often reminds me to deepen into the heart of living in every moment of my day. I invite you to take a journey with me into the heart of what matters most.

Learn more about Spiritual Wellness sessions here.



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