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Leveraging the Healing Power of Acupuncture, Cindy Nilson Provides a Foundation to Support Wellness

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Alive + Well acupuncturist Cindy Nilson
Cindy Nilson, Acupuncturist

Cindy Nilson is a Doctor of Oriental Medicine, Full Mesa Carrier, Reiki Master and Intuitive advisor. Utilizing acupuncture, energy-infused acupressure massage therapy and body psychology, she integrates teachings from eastern medicine, shamanism, energy/chakra healing and archetypal patterns to provide a unique diagnostic perspective and treatment experience. Specializing in how stress, our thoughts and emotions affect the physical body, and resourcing from the 10,000 hours spent honing her work, Cindy creates new and exciting collaboratives to her foundations in acupuncture therapy. She believes joining Alive + Well is the joyous culmination of her work and is excited to share this beautiful environment and healing space with her clients.

We are so excited to share Cindy’s expertise and healing work with our community at Alive + Well!

Tell us about your background as an acupuncturist & areas of focus

I have been in private practice in Lakeway for 18 years. Working out of my little studio, I have been blessed to serve the beautiful people of this community. Assisting in the healing process of all forms of disease and discomfort, I have been witness to the relief that it can provide to every age, illness, ache and unease.

I have always trusted that who I am meant to work with would organically flow through my door, and I like that every session is different. I have found how important it is to not have an agenda. Acupuncture can be used as a catalyst for healing at all levels: physically, emotionally, spiritually and energetically. Deficiencies can be nurtured, toxicities can be cleared and those that feel stuck can be released.

In your opinion, what role does acupuncture play in health and wellness?

At different moments of our life, the needs of our healing village change. In almost all cases, receiving acupuncture can be an amazing addition to your self-care routine. It provides a scaffolding that helps support all the wellness efforts of the client and other practitioners they may be working with.

What most excites you about being part of the team at Alive + Well, where practitioners from multiple disciplines are working together to contribute to a guest’s health & wellness?

I have so enjoyed being in private practice all these years. The only downfall has been a sense of loneliness. Although completely content, I think I was always looking for a collaborative and conscious community to be a part of. I cannot express how excited I am to be a part of this team. To work alongside these creative, healing, high intentioned, bright lights. These are exceptional people, and I am most excited about the growth that I will experience from working with them.

Who/what inspires you?

As a passionately dedicated lifelong learner, it is the teachers, speakers and thought leaders of our time that really inspire me. The highest way that I take in information is through the spoken word. As a clairaudient, it is always about what I hear. I am amazed at the access we now have to good teachers. Their workshops, lectures, speeches, books and interviews are now so easily accessible and I live for audiobooks, podcasts, TED Talks, YouTube and all that the web can weave.

What’s your favorite indulgence?

That’s easy…Icing! I’ll take a little cake with that. Or better yet, just a spoon.

Aside from acupuncture, what’s your favorite self-care habit?

I have been so blessed throughout the years to trade services with all my fellow practitioners in the community. Walking outside in the evening after work has always been my best medicine. Still, by leading me to Alive + Well, I believe my better angels have created a catalyst for a new paradigm of self-care. I cannot wait to take advantage of all its offerings.

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