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Cold + Heat Therapy

Experiencing a 45-degree cold plunge can profoundly impact the nervous system by simultaneously initiating the fight or flight response and fostering a sense of tranquility. Engaging in regular cold plunges trains your body to moderate its acute stress responses, leading to greater overall calmness. The release of norepinephrine during this process enhances relaxation, focus, sleep quality, and mood.

Cold therapy also has physical benefits, such as shifting blood flow from surface vessels to deeper ones, reducing inflammation and swelling, and promoting better venous return. This process aids in clearing metabolites and toxins that accumulate during physical activity, allowing for quicker replenishment of nutrients to tired muscles.

Enhance your wellness routine by warming up in our traditional custom sauna before diving into our cold tub. This stimulating combination not only sharpens focus but also leaves you energized and ready to tackle your day.

Benefits of Cold Immersion

Ways to Experience Cold Therapy

We can help you create a protocol of heat and cold depending on your goals and experience with cold therapy. Or get creative and challenge yourself to a new variation every time you visit.

Quick Dip

Don't have much time? Schedule a 15 minute session to spend a few minutes in the traditional sauna and a quick dip in the cold tub. If you're an experienced "dipper", you might bypass the sauna and challenge yourself to a longer 5-10 minute plunge.

15 Minute Session

Our most popular session. Heat your body in the traditional sauna for 10-15 minutes, then plunge in the cold tub for around 3 minutes. You'll have plenty of time to warm up in the sauna after the cold dip, or even go through one more cycle of sauna + cold plunge.


The shock of our 45 degree cold plunge triggers the nervous system – activating both the fight or flight response and a calming reaction. Regular cold plunge will help train your body to have less of a high alert response to life stressors and to find a deeper calm. The flood of norepinephrine into the brain, translates into enhanced relaxation, focus, sleep and mood.

In addition, cold therapy moves blood from the peripheral to deep blood vessels, thereby minimizing inflammation and swelling, and improving venous return. Metabolites and waste products built up during exercise can be removed by the body and nutrients quickly replenished to fatigued muscles.

We ask that all guests wear their own swimwear while in the sauna and cold plunge tub. We also recommend waterproof sandals to wear when moving between the sauna and tub as the floor can get slippery.

The cold tub is definitely a physical challenge, but it is also a mental challenge. The first minute in the tub is often the most difficult as your body’s fight or flight instinct kicks in. Once you pass that first minute, most people achieve a sense of calm and control to more easily complete the session. We can offer some helpful breathing and visualization techniques that will make the session more comfortable and achievable. We believe that the sense of empowerment and energy you’ll feel following the plunge will be worth every bit of discomfort!

We can make some recommendations for some protocol options, but you can use the sauna and cold tub space how you prefer. Some guests only want to use the cold tub, while others may want to cycle between the sauna and tub multiple times. Try a few different options and see what works best for you!

The cold plunge is between 42-47 degrees F. The dry sauna is on average from 150-195 degrees F.

Pregnant women should not use the plunges or sauna without first consulting their physician.

The tub capacity is limited to one person at a time. However, you are welcome to bring a friend to rotate with during a session.

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