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Embracing your health and wellness journey is our mission, offering only the finest quality supplements to support you. At Alive and Well, we’re dedicated to enhancing your life by fueling your body with essential nutrients for a vibrant, active, and healthy lifestyle. Our selection of supplements is crafted to address the varied needs of our Boulder community, guiding you closer to your health and wellness aspirations with every visit to our shop.

Our Supplement Store In Boulder

Alive and Well is a pillar of health in the bustling heart of Boulder, Colorado, presenting a broad spectrum of health services and products tailored to your unique requirements. Our shelves boast a comprehensive collection of vitamins, aromatherapy products, herbal supplements, protein powder, essential oils, along with clean beauty and skincare products, all chosen for their exceptional quality, effectiveness, and purity. Whether you’re in need of daily multivitamins to maintain energy or specialized supplements for muscle recovery, our store is your go-to destination for all aspects of health and wellness.

Benefits Of Our Supplement Store

Choosing Alive and Well for your supplement necessities comes with advantages that go far beyond our extensive product selection. Our vitamin stores’ primary goal is to boost your health and elevate your performance, whether it relates to physical activity, mental clarity, or general well-being. Here are the primary advantages you’ll enjoy with our vitamin shoppe:

Superior Health:

Our premium supplements are formulated to bridge nutritional voids, strengthen your immune system, and support your body’s inherent functions.

Amplified Performance:

Athletes and fitness enthusiasts will discover everything needed to intensify workouts, hasten recovery, and meet performance objectives.

Trusted Quality

We collaborate with trusted brands renowned for their dedication to purity, potency, and safety. With Alive and Well, you’re assured the highest caliber products available.

Applications Of Our Supplement Store

At Alive and Well’s Supplement Store in Boulder, CO, we take pride in the diversity of our affordable supplement offerings and the benefits they deliver to our patrons. Our approach is grounded in science, ensuring every product is selected for its capacity to promote optimal health and wellness.

Enhancing Daily Nutrition

For those aiming to augment their daily diet, our array of multivitamins and minerals offers the vital nutrients your body demands for peak function. These supplements address dietary deficiencies, guaranteeing a comprehensive array of vitamins and minerals essential for energy production, immune support, and overall health.

Boosting Mental Clarity and Focus

Mental health and cognitive function are of utmost importance. Our cognitive support supplements, including omega-3 fatty acids, ginkgo biloba, and adaptogens, are designed to improve mental clarity, concentration, and memory. Ideal for those looking to boost cognitive performance for study, work, or daily mental sharpness, these supplements are key to supporting brain health.

Immune System Enhancement

Robust immune system is crucial. Our selection features supplements such as vitamin C, zinc, and elderberry, celebrated for their immune-boosting effects. These products fortify your body’s defenses against various health issues, minimizing illness risk and maintaining your health throughout the year.

Clean Skincare & Beauty

Our clean skincare and beauty offerings are meticulously chosen for their natural, non-toxic ingredients, ensuring kindness to your skin and the environment. Free from harmful chemicals and additives, these products promote healthy, radiant skin from the outside. Our organic skincare line includes cleansers, moisturizers, serums, and treatments for various skin types and issues, whether you’re addressing aging signs, treat acne, or seeking to preserve healthy, glowing skin, our clean beauty solutions offer effective results without compromise.

Comprehensive Health and Well-being

Our supplements also serve those pursuing overall health enhancements. From probiotics aiding gut health to antioxidants fighting oxidative stress, our offerings encourage complete well-being, helping you feel your best every day. Our customer success stories highlight remarkable health, energy, and life quality improvements from integrating our supplements into their routines.

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FAQs About Alive and Well


Our selection process is stringent, sourcing only from manufacturers known for high-quality ingredients and strict testing protocols. We favor partners who are open about their sourcing and production methods, guaranteeing that our offerings are not only potent but also responsibly made.
Certainly! We provide personalized consultations with our expert health practitioners, ready to navigate you through our assortment and recommend supplements tailored to your health objectives and concerns. These personalized sessions are available in-store or remotely for your convenience.
Our store welcomes you to shop in-person, but for those who prefer the convenience of online shopping, our website is fully equipped for online orders. Choose from in-store pickup, local delivery, or shipping to a range of destinations to suit your needs.
Keeping up-to-date is simple with Alive and Well. By subscribing to our newsletter, following our social media channels, or checking our blog, you’ll stay informed on the newest product additions, health insights, nutrition tips, and recent scientific discoveries.

April Specials

  • Improves cellular hydration
  • Repairs lining of the gut
  • Protects intestinal flora
  • Reduces inflammation

We offer two 12-week virtual programs, one featuring Semaglutide and the other Tirzepatide, for patients with a BMI over 27 and aged 21-64. Both programs include three installments at $395/mo for Semaglutide and $595/mo for Tirzepatide.

It’s time to ditch the razor and say hello to softer, smoother skin. Our laser hair removal sessions are quick and easy with minimal discomfort.

  • Long-lasting results
  • Precision targeting
  • Time saving
  • Softens and smooths skin
  • Reduce ingrown hairs
  • Improved digestion
  • Increased energy and mood boost
  • Supports detoxification
  • Helps the body absorb vital nutrients
  • Improves constipation
  • Decreases brain fog
  • Excellent when paired with a weight loss program because excess fecal matter can weight down the digestive track

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