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5 Supplements Every Mom Should Be Taking

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Functional Medicine, homepage, Pharmacy, supplements, Wellness, women

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Being a mom is no easy job. In fact, most moms would say it’s the toughest job they’ve ever had. The daily stress and pressure often means moms put their health lowest on the priority list. But a healthier mom is a happier mom… and as we all know, ain’t nobody happy if mama ain’t happy!

A healthy diet is a critical first step to wellness – avoiding highly processed and fast foods, staying away from excess sugar, and focusing on wholesome fresh foods. But that isn’t always realistic for a busy, over-tired mom. Incorporating a daily supplement regimen can help fill daily nutritional gaps while also supporting long-term health.

Here are 5 supplements that I recommend for moms of all ages to take on a regular basis.


Every single woman should consider taking diindolylmethane (DIM). DIM is formed in the body from plant substances contained in “cruciferous” vegetables like cabbage, brussels sprouts, cauliflower, and broccoli. It helps balance hormones and reduce estrogen spikes during a woman’s ovulating cycle, which in turn helps with mood, sleep, weight loss and more. One major benefit is a proven reduction in the risk for developing breast cancer with long term supplementation. 

Full Spectrum Probiotic

Full spectrum probiotics should be a part of every mom’s regimen. This supplement helps to protect your gut lining, increase absorption of nutrients and has been proven through the Epic study to help reduce your risk for colorectal cancers. 

Much of our health is based on our gut health, so enhancing that with probiotics has multiple effects on the nervous system, mood and certainly our immune system. Have you ever heard the phrase “trust your gut”? This is because you have a network of nerves in the lining of your gut. Keeping your gut environment balanced can help with anxiety and mood issues. Probiotics also help women prevent vaginal infections and urinary tract infections – not to mention skin breakouts and more. This is due to the healthy flora that probiotics create within the lining of your gut which is where your nutrient absorption takes place.


Turmeric is actually referenced by many oncologists (cancer specialists) for having “chemo-preventive” or cancer preventive properties. Turmeric is a strong anti-inflammatory spice often used in Traditional Indian cuisine. Take it to reduce your risk of cancer development and to decrease your inflammation factors. Inflammation is responsible for most disease processes by either causing or making them worse.  A daily turmeric supplement can help lower overall inflammation.

B Vitamins

B Vitamin support can cause an increase in energy levels, sense of well-being, immune function, decreased inflammatory markers which in turn reduces overall disease risk. You may get a B complex or B12 shot once a month for better absorption. These are widely available and offered and compounded in specialized forms through Apothecary Compounding Pharmacy at Alive and Well. Cyanocobalamin is readily available in many Multivitamins, although some people have a tough time breaking this down into usable form. I recommend using methylcobalamin B12, a specific form which is more difficult to find as it is typically found in higher end supplements that are third party tested. 


Bergamot is a citrus extract that can lower cholesterol and blood sugar.

In a double-blind, placebo-controlled study of 237 men and women, researchers found these benefits within just 30 days with absolutely no side effects. It raised HDL cholesterol by over 22%, lowered LDL cholesterol by 24%, lowered total cholesterol by almost 22%, lowered triglycerides by almost 30% and lowered blood sugar levels by almost 19%. (1)

You might not currently have high cholesterol or high blood sugar. But when it comes to disease, the key is prevention. If you start taking Bergamot regularly now, you will prevent those issues from developing in the future. Not to mention, keeping blood sugar levels more normalized helps with weight control and sleep, which are generally beneficial to all.


Moms are so important to all of our families, so keeping the women in our life healthy is of utmost importance. Stay hydrated, rest, and know the evidence about what is out there to help you stay healthy. 

Shop these supplements and our complete line of products online. Our Wellness Team is available to answer all your supplement questions. Do not hesitate to call or drop in at Alive +Well. 512-580-5775 

Disclaimer: never initiate any supplementation without consulting a health care professional to assure there are no interactions or side-effects you should be aware of.   


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Samantha Thiry, Integrative Nurse Practitioner is currently accepting new patients at Alive & Well. Schedule online or call 512-580-5775.

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