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87 Ways to Use Castor Oil

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detox, supplements, Wellness

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Have you reaped the benefits of castor oil yet? 

Castor oil is trending in the wellness space for its ability to heal and stimulate the body from the inside and outside. And it’s not new either—castor oil dates to Ancient Egypt! Ancient Egyptians are rumored to have used castor oil for lamps, beauty, and healing. 

What is Castor Oil? 

Now produced mostly in India, castor oil comes from the ricinus communis plant

ricinus communis plant

This plant produces seeds, AKA castor beans. Castor beans hold the precious castor oil that we all know and love. 

Packed with anti-inflammatory, antibacterial, and antifungal properties along with vitamin E, omega-6 fatty acids, magnesium, and calcium, castor oil is used for an array of applications. 

In fact, there are 87 different uses for castor oil for your internal systems, women’s health, relaxation, eyes, mouth, hair, skin, feet, bowels, dogs, and household use. 

Types of Castor Oil 

There are two types of castor oil on the market: cold pressed castor oil and Jamaican black castor oil (JBCO).  

Cold pressed castor oil is extracted from castor seeds without heat, which preserves all its natural properties. This type of castor oil is lighter in color and texture compared to JBCO.  

JBCO is a thicker, darker, and a more intensely moisturizing oil. It’s created from roasting castor beans and extracting oil for a darker color and a nutty aroma.  

In this blog, we’ll be reviewing uses of castor oil topical treatments and castor oil packs. If you choose to use castor oil, it’s always best to consult with healthcare professionals, follow recommended dosages, and be aware of potential side effects or interactions. Always do a patch test before applying castor oil in large amounts. 

Castor Oil for Internal Systems 

Your internal body system is the network of organs and tissues that carry out functions throughout your body. Integrating castor oil packs stimulates these systems for better functionality.  

1- Improve Blood Circulation 

Castor oil packs apply a gentle pressure to your body, boosting nitric oxide and widening blood vessels (vasodilation)1, thus improving blood circulation.   

2 – Improve Lymphatic Drainage  

Placing a castor oil pack over your liver adds a gentle pressure that pushes lymphatic fluid through your body. The lymphatic fluid transports waste and toxins, and ultimately draining through your liver.  

3 – Decrease Bloating 

A castor oil pack placed on your abdomen puts your body in a “rest and digest” state2. This state improves the function of digestion, absorption, and waste elimination.  

4- Heal Your Leaky Gut 

Castor oil packs stimulate the bowels and liver, which helps release toxins and improve your leaky gut. Additionally, castor oil packs increase glutathione levels, thus contributing to minimizing a leaky gut and unbalanced microbiome.  

5- Metabolize Easier 

Castor oil packs placed on the thyroid help stimulate the metabolic system.

6 – Pass Kidney Stones 

Applying a castor oil pack to your kidney stimulates its function, thereby facilitating the passage of kidney stones, making it easier for your body to pass them. 

7 – Slow Aging Affects 

Castor oil packs stimulate the process of widening blood vessels (vasodilation) for improved circulation, resulting in slower aging effects. 

8 – Increase Energy 

Castor oil packs blood circulation stimulation may result in increased energy. 

9- Alleviate Pain 

Castor oil’s recineloic anti-inflammatory properties and stimulation of dopamine and oxytocin are powerful pain-relievers. Topicals and packs alleviate hip, sciatic, arthritis, and muscle pain. 

Castor Oil for Relaxing 

Everyone relaxes differently; but no matter how you choose to de-stress and unwind, castor oil plays a physiological role. Castor oil helps relax your mind and body by activating dopamine and oxytocin in your brain. 

10-  Sleep Deeply 

Castor oil topical treatments and packs promote deep sleep by triggering the release of dopamine and oxytocin, which can then stimulate the production of melatonin. 

11- Decrease Stress 

Not only does castor oil relax you because of dopamine and oxytocin, these releases trigger a cortisol level decrease.

12- Alleviate Colic in Babies

Colicky babies are difficult to treat. Doctors can’t pinpoint one root cause and babies can’t communicate otherwise. However, applying castor oil topically on a baby’s chest relaxes their nervous system, helps with digestion, and induces sleep, all potential reasons for colic.  

13 – Massage Oil 

The anti-inflammatory properties and the triggered release of dopamine and oxytocin make for a perfect massage oil. 

14- Relieve Migraines 

Castor oil’s dopamine and oxytocin release and gentle pressure may relieve migraines. 

Castor Oil for Women’s Health 

Women experience a fluctuating reproductive system and hormone balance that can sometimes feel too out-of-control or too painful to handle. Castor oil packs support women’s health by hormone balancing and stimulating circulation.  

15-  Improve Reproductive Health 

Castor oil packs stimulate lymphatic flow, which improves flow and circulation around the uterus, ovaries, and fallopian tubes.  

16- Balance Hormones 

Castor oil packs resting on the liver, thyroid, and pelvis assists with balancing hormones through the menstrual cycle.  

Applying a pack to the liver and thyroid from the beginning of the menstrual cycle until ovulation can boost estrogen levels. Similarly, placing a pack on the thyroid and pelvis from ovulation until the next cycle can elevate progesterone levels. 

17- Manage Fertility 

Estrogen, progesterone, and testosterone imbalances are often the culprits of infertility, so balancing hormones with castor oil is a fertility management solution.  

18- Reduce Menstrual Flow 

Castor oil packs aid in regulating menstrual cycles by reducing cortisol levels and boosting progesterone. When applied to the body, they stimulate a dopamine and oxytocin release in the brain. As a result, cortisol decreases while progesterone increases. Elevated progesterone accelerates the shedding of the uterine lining, leading to lighter or shorter periods. 

19- Alleviate Pre-Menstrual or Menstrual Pain 

A castor oil pack’s dopamine, oxytocin, and melatonin activation assist with alleviating menstrual side effects like insomnia and cramps. 

20- Regulate Post-Partum Hormone Imbalances 

Castor oil packs support hormone balancing during post-partum by activating the production of estrogen and progesterone. 

21- Transition Through Menopause 

Castor oil packs support hormone balancing during menopause, which alleviates unwanted symptoms like cramps. 

22- Relieve Ovarian Cyst Symptoms 

A castor oil pack’s gentle pressure eases ovarian cyst pain and assists with decreasing inflammation. 

23- Heal Endometriosis Scars or Adhesions 

Castor oil’s antioxidants and fatty acids are key players for healing endometriosis scars or adhesions.  

24- Relieve Fibroid Symptoms 

The gentle pressure of a castor oil pack eases fibroid inflammation and cramping. 

25- Induce Labor 

The gentle pressure of castor oil packs can induce labor. Always check with your healthcare professional before implementing! 

Castor Oil for Bowels 

26- Relieve Constipation 

The pack’s gentle pressure triggers smooth muscle contractions in the bowels for relieving constipation.  

27- Regulate Bowel Movements 

Castor oil packs put your body in a “rest and digest” state for easier digestion and regular bowel movements. 

28- Heal Hemorrhoids 

Topical castor oil treatments have vitamin E and anti-inflammatory properties that heal hemorrhoids. 

29- Use as Natural Laxative 

Ingesting a tiny amount of castor oil acts as a natural laxative. However, ingesting too much can cause side effects like dehydration and electrolyte imbalance, so always check with your healthcare provider beforehand. 

30- Castor Oil for a Colon Cleanse 

Using castor oil as a natural laxative is useful for colon cleansing before a colonoscopy. Make sure to check with your healthcare provider beforehand. 

Castor Oil for Skin 

Regardless of your age or skin tone, applying castor oil is a phenomenal solution for skin health and fighting infections. Castor oil comprises antioxidant, fatty acid, moisturizing, and nutrient properties that support your skin. 

31- Decrease Aging Signs on the Neck 

Castor oil’s antioxidant, fatty acid, and moisturizing properties decrease aging signs on the neck. 

32- Quell Dry Skin  

Castor oil’s moisturizing properties are great for quelling dry skin. 

33- Eliminate and Prevent Stretch Marks 

Stretch marks come from aging, weight loss or gain, pregnancy, and hormone imbalances. Castor oil’s multi-use tackles stretch marks from all angles. 

Castor oil pack and topical applications include anti-inflammatory properties for eliminating stretch marks. These castor oil applications also include hormone balancing properties that can prevent stretch marks altogether. 

34- Eliminate and Prevent Acne 

Acne doesn’t have just one root cause, and castor oil’s multifunctionality is a compatible fighter.  

Castor oil packs assist with balancing hormones, which can prevent hormonal acne. As for topicals, castor oil’s anti-inflammatory, anti-bacterial, and antioxidant properties are deep acne cleansers that prevent and eliminate pimples.  

35- Remove Dead Skin Cells 

Castor oil topicals use antioxidant properties to naturally draw out dead skin cells.  

36- Reduce Fine Lines and Wrinkles 

Castor oil topical’s skin penetration stimulates elastin and collagen production, which keeps the skin supple and tight. 

37- Heal Sunburns 

Applying castor oil topically on a sunburn reduces inflammation because of the oil’s ricinoleic acid. 

38- Remove Moles and Skin Tags 

Castor oil’s anti-fungal and antibacterial properties penetrate moles and skin tags for a natural removal. 

39- Smooth Facial Skin 

Castor oil’s omega fatty acids nourish skin cells for a smoother face. 

40- Grow Healthy Skin Tissue and Fixes Uneven Skin Tone 

Castor oil’s fatty acids grow healthy skin cells while the antioxidants even out the skin tone. 

41- Remove Dirt From the Skin 

Castor oil’s antioxidant properties naturally draw out dirt from the skin. 

42- Alleviate Psoriasis Symptoms 

Castor oil’s antioxidants, fatty acids, and moisture alleviate psoriasis symptoms. 

43- Heal Warts 

Castor oil’s antibacterial properties assist with healing warts. 

44- Heal Bug Bites 

Castor oil’s antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties along with its fatty acids are integral for healing bug bites. 

45- Castor Oil Prevent Freckles 

Castor oil’s antioxidant properties protect the skin from the sun and other irritates, which prevents freckling. 

46- Treat Shingles 

Castor oil’s antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties treat shingles. 

47- Dissolve Bone Spurs 

Castor oil’s anti-inflammatory and fatty acid properties are helpful for dissolving bone spurs. 

48- Treat Ringworm 

Applying castor oil topically uses its natural anti-fungal properties (undecylenic acid) to help treat ringworm. 

49- Decrease Skin Inflammation 

Whether it’s used in a pack or topically, castor oil’s anti-inflammation properties soothe the skin. 

50- Heal Wounds 

Castor oil’s antibacterial, anti-inflammatory, and microbial properties assist with wound healing4. The moisturization properties also keep wounds moist to prevent infection. 


Castor Oil for Hair 

Perhaps the most well-known and trendy method for using castor oil, castor oil promotes growing and sustaining beautiful, luscious locks with vitamin E, proteins, minerals, and moisture. 

51- Promote Hair Growth 

Castor oil’s vitamin E, protein, minerals, and moisture promote faster hair growth. 

52- Treat Dry Scalp 

Castor oil’s moisturizing properties heal a dry scalp. 

53- Treat Dandruff 

Castor oil’s moisturizing properties that combat dry scalp are also effective in treating dandruff. 

54- Prevent Hair Loss 

Castor oil antibacterial factors fight scalp infections that cause hair loss. 

55- Prevent Split Ends 

Castor oil moisturizes your dry and brittle split ends.  

56- Thicken Hair 

Castor oil’s hair growth power and moisture can result in thicker hair. 

Castor Oil for Eyes 

 57- Promote Eyelash Growth 

Castor oil’s vitamin E, protein, minerals, and moisture all work together to prevent eyelash breakage and promote growth. 

58- Castor Oil Promotes Eyebrow Growth 

The process for growing eyelashes with castor oil is the same for thickening eyebrows. 

59- Use as an Eye Compress

Castor oil eye compress packs promote the production of dopamine, oxytocin, and melatonin. 

60- Fight Blepharitis 

Topical castor oil’s anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial properties fights blepharitis. 

Castor Oil for Nails 

 Castor oil’s vitamin E properties are a nutritious penetration for your nails. 

61- Soften Cuticles  

Castor oil’s vitamin E properties are helpful for softening cuticles. 

62- Strengthen Nails 

Castor oil’s vitamin E properties strengthen nails. 

Castor Oil for Mouth 

 Castor oil’s antibacterial, antimicrobial, and moisturizing characteristics make it an optimal solution for mouth health. 

63- Cleaning and Storing Dentures  

Castor oil’s antibacterial and antimicrobial characteristics kill bacteria and fungi on dentures. 

64- Hydrate Chapped Lips 

Castor oil’s moisture hydrates chapped lips. 

65- Reduce Mouth Sores 

Applying a small amount of castor oil on mouth sores will kill the bacteria. 

Castor Oil for Feet 

 Castor oil’s anti-fungal and moisturizing properties are ideal for managing foot health. 

66- Moisturize Dry and Cracked Heels 

Castor oil’s moisturizing properties tackle dry and cracked heels. 

67- Eliminate Toe Fungus 

Castor oil’s anti-fungal properties are key for relieving toe fungus. 

68- Remove Foot Corns 

Castor oil’s moisture penetrates foot corns and makes them easier to remove.  

Castor Oil for Dogs 

 Your dog can join in on the magic of castor oil in the same way you can. Castor oil is safe for dogs, and it won’t harm them if they accidentally lick it. 

69- Reduce Excessive Shedding  

Castor oil reduces excessive shedding by fighting infections that cause fur loss.  

70- Promote Fur Growth 

Castor oil’s vitamin E properties fight against hair loss infections and promote fur growth. 

71- Add Shine and Thickness to Coat 

Castor oil’s moisture is easily absorbed by fur, producing a shiny and thick coat. 

72- Alleviate Joint Discomfort  

Castor oil’s anti-inflammatory properties alleviate discomfort in pain areas. 

73- Treat Minor Injuries  

The anti-inflammatory properties of castor oil help heal minor injuries. 

74- Heal Bumps on Skin 

Castor oil’s anti-inflammatory properties also heal bumps on dogs’ skin. 

75- Shampoo 

Because of all the fur benefits, using castor oil as dog shampoo is a great natural choice. 

76- Heal Cataracts 

Dropping castor oil into your dog’s eye may help with eliminating cataracts. Make sure to consult with your vet first! 

77- Moisturize Dry Nose 

The intensive moisture of castor oil is compatible with moisturizing a dog’s nose. 

Home and Garden Castor Oil Uses 

 Castor oil’s use expands even beyond the body. You can also use it around the house and in your backyard!  

78- Stop Backyard Mole Digging 

Unlike humans and dogs, moles hate castor oil; particularly because of the smell. Put castor oil in your soil or holes to naturally deter digging moles. Don’t worry, it doesn’t kill or harm them. 

79- Repel Skunks 

Skunks also hate castor oil. It won’t harm them either.  

80- Repel Armadillos 

Armadillos hate castor oil, too. It won’t harm them either. 

81- Repel Voles 

Voles are also animals that don’t like castor oil and won’t be harmed from it. 

82- Repel Bugs 

Use castor oil as a natural bug repellent instead of sticky chemical smelling spray. Bugs do not like the taste or smell of castor oil. 

83- Liven Ferns 

Ferns love castor oil. Add a small amount of castor oil into your ferns soil for fertilization. 

84- Clean Wood Furniture 

Combining castor oil with beeswax and olive oil produces a natural polish for wood furniture. 

85- Clean Bathtub Build Up 

Applying castor oil to your bath before scrubbing helps release the buildup. 

86- Loosen Window and Door Metal Hinges 

Castor oil has a natural lubrication for loosening windows and hinges. 

87- Lubricate Metal Tools Used with Food 

Castor oil’s natural lubrication is safe for metal tools used with food, such as kitchen scissors. 

Our Favorite Castor Oil 

Castor oil is a versatile and natural solution for fungus, bacteria, pain, relaxation, and stimulating our body’s functions. Whether it’s a pack or topical treatment, our favorite castor oil is by the brand Queen of Thrones.

Queen of Thrones’ castor oil is 100% pure and USDA certified organic. You can choose the topical treatment for dry brushing and skin, hair, lash, and brow serum or the packs. Queen of Thrones packs include a pack for your breasts, pelvic, liver, thyroid, back, and abdomen. It also makes eye compresses, hair masks, and special kids packs.  

Click here to browse our Queen of Thrones selection! 



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