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5 Supplements to Support Your Child’s Focus and Concentration

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Concentration, Kids, Pharmacy, Wellness

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School is back in session and for many kids, staying focused and attentive in the classroom is a major issue.  We offer some natural, pharmaceutical grade supplements that can help support concentration for kids or teens who struggle with staying focused throughout the long school day. They can also be helpful for teens or college-aged kids managing excessive stress and long study hours.

  • PatchMD Focus Plus Topical PatchThis patch offers a convenient, easy delivery for kids. Place one on your child’s shoulder before school and it offers sustained release throughout the day. It is formulated to maintain a calm focus without any stimulants. It offers nutrients to help boost memory and enhance task completion.
  • Sabre Science ImagT Powder: ImagT powder contains magnesium L-threonate, the only magnesium to cross the blood brain barrier. It is extremely effective helping with focus, concentration, mood, energy, and sleep. It is great for adults, teens and children.
  • Pure DopaPlus: It promotes the production of dopamine to support mental function and sharpness. Excellent for college and grad students when studying, writing a paper, or taking a test.
  • Pure B12 Liquid: These easy to use liquid drops offer a bio-available form of B12 (methylcobalamin) that can be used for both kids and adults. It can improve energy, focus and lessen anxiety. Best used in the morning to start your day.
  • Stress Relax Pharma GABA: Pharma GABA is a tasty chewable that supports focus and sleep quality.  It helps improve alertness and concentration and promotes emotional well-being – without drowsiness. It also supports immune health during times of stress, which is important for the college aged kids.

Our Wellness Team is happy to discuss these products and others that can help your child have a healthy and effective school year 512-580-5775. You can also purchase many of these products online here.

Read more HERE to learn 5 Tips to Keep Your Kids Healthy as they go Back To School.


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