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Adavanced Aesthetics

Indulge in age-defying bliss with our Advanced Aesthetics Services, harnessing cutting-edge technologies to reveal timeless radiance and rejuvenate your skin.

Wellness Spa

Discover tranquility and holistic healing at our premier Wellness Spa, where ancient wisdom meets modern techniques to restore your body, mind, and spirit.

IV Therapies

Revitalize your health with our bespoke IV therapy services, from hydration and nutrient replenishment, to detoxification and health optimization.

Holistic Therapies

Experience transformative healing with innovative treatments like ozone therapy, red light therapy, hyperbaric oxygen therapy and more.

Frequency Therapies

Take a moment to slow down and find inner peace with our meditation and breathwork classes in the Frequency Dome, or experience restorative healing with Vibroacoustic Therapy.

Functional Medicine

Discover a personalized, root cause approach to optimal health within our functional medicine clinic. 

June Specials

Stay hydrated this summer with our FREE liter bag upgrade to any IV!

$150 off EBO2

$25 off MAH

$10 off Insufflations

Our Optimal Health Membership is designed especially for people who want to take a preventative and holistic approach to wellness, vitality and longevity.  It is also perfect for people who want an integrative, personalized approach in managing their ongoing health concerns.  This year-long membership provides the opportunity to work with one of our highly qualified Functional and Integrative Medical Professionals as well as one of our Certified Health Coaches to achieve your individual health goals.

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