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What Type of Yoga Class is Right For You?

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Though yoga technically came to America in the nineteenth century, people have been practicing their flexibility, balance, and endurance for thousands of years. There are so many types of yoga classes, though, that it can be confusing to know what is right for you. Whether you want to improve your blood flow and posture, practice mindful meditation, increase strength and flexibility, or lose weight, we have a yoga class that fits your needs!

I hear yoga is good for me, but where do I start?

We recommend beginning with Gentle or Hatha yoga. Widely understood in the West as the “catch-all” yoga, Hatha Yoga will lay the foundations of yoga, focusing on balancing effort and ease. In these classes, you can learn the most common poses (asanas), making it great for beginners or experienced practitioners who prefer a more steady, alignment-based practice.  If you’re looking for a way to get started, these classes can help you figure out what you want most out of your yoga.

I’d like to start slow and help manage my mental health

Give gentle yoga a chance if you want to take it slow and steady. You can focus on grounding and stillness while you improve on your flexibility and intrinsic muscles. If you’re just getting familiar with the positions, this is a great way to really solidify your form. All quality instructors (like the ones at Alive + Well Yoga Studio) will give you options to modify select poses, but these modifications can really make a difference when you’re holding the poses for a while! Feel free to give your body a break and tap into your mindfulness practices.

I want a fast-paced yoga class that will keep me engaged

Try flow yoga! Unpredictable and unique, flow yoga is for the person who doesn’t really like to sit still. In these classes, you’ll practice yoga at a faster pace, moving to different positions with each inhale and exhale. Flowing between the poses is great for increasing blood flow and toning muscles.

I’d rather have something slow and restorative

Yin yoga may be what you’re looking for! You can expect to hold poses for several minutes, supported by props. This allows you to stretch beyond the superficial muscle layer into the deeper tissue and fascia. If you’re looking to yoga for the meditative benefits, you’ll have plenty of time during yin yoga to focus inward and practice mindfulness.

What’s the best yoga for weight loss and detoxification?

You’ve heard of flow yoga, but what if you amp up the pace and the heat to get the heart rate going? Power yoga is known as a fitness flow yoga and has been linked to weight loss. In these classes, you can expect to feel the burn and build strength while increasing flexibility. At Alive and well, our Power classes are heated with the healing benefits of infrared heat. This type of heat has been linked with increased circulation, faster internal processes, and better joint stability. The warm air keeps ligaments and tendons supple and less prone to breakage, which makes this type better for chronic pain. It also helps to eliminate toxins without causing dehydration the way forced heat can.

Ready to give it a try? Schedule an appointment today!

Not only can you find all of these types of yoga and more at Alive + Well, but these classes are taught by some of the top instructors in the Austin area. Each instructor has over ten years teaching experience and extensive training. However , what impresses us the most about our instructors is their ability to connect with each student creating a safe and inclusive environment where all are welcome. Each teacher has a thorough bio so you can find a class taught by someone right for you.

Find your yoga class at the perfect time on our schedule, or check out our monthly yoga membership which includes unlimited use of our three-wave infrared sauna, with access to unlimited yoga classes, you can try every style!

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